Reply to the Untrue Statements Made by Dawa Tsering of “Tib

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Reply to the Untrue Statements Made by Dawa Tsering of “Tibet Religious Foundation of H.H. the Dalai Lama” during an Interview by Radio Free Asia(Reproduced)
Published:2012/03/12 16:30
(By the True Heart News interviewing team in Taipei)
The True Enlightenment Education Foundation has long been campaigning for uncovering the obscene evil nature of tibetan “buddhism.” Recently, the action has gained massive public support. Regarding this issue, Radio Free Asia, established and supported partly by the U.S. government, had conducted an interview with Zhang Gongpu, the Chairman (was then the CEO) of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation together with Teacher Yu Zhengwei. Dawa Tsering, Director of Tibet Religious Foundation of H.H. the Dalai Lama, was also invited to reply to the questions raised by the True Enlightenment Education Foundation. Due to the limited scope of the report, Chairman Zhang has explicitly replied to the non-factual statements by Mr. Dawa Tsering during the interview as follows:
Firstly, Mr. Dawa Tsering questioned whether the Foundation has the qualification to comment on Tibetan “Buddhism”; he considered that those who do not understand the Tibetan language and have never practiced Tibetan Tantra are not qualified to comment on Tibetan “Buddhism.” However, in fact, there are some members in the Foundation, who not only understand the Tibetan language but have also practiced Tibetan Tantra before. All of them gave up Tibetan “Buddhism” after they have uncovered its devious obscene nature.
Leaving aside the above point, let’s start with the question: is it possible to know Tibetan “Buddhism” without understanding the Tibetan language? For propagating purpose, Tibetan Tantric Buddhism has continually translated lots of tantric books in Taiwan. These books were written by dharma-kings and rinpoches of Tibetan “Buddhism,” and translated by their most trusted Taiwanese disciples. Is Mr. Dawa Tsering implying that all these translated texts are incorrect?
If these texts were incorrect, then Mr. Dawa Tsering should have urged all sects of Tibetan “Buddhism” to recall all the books they have published in Taiwan to show their responsibility for this issue. It is a grave negative karma to allow those misleading books to circulate in Taiwan, which could terminate readers’ wisdom-life of the dharmakaya. Since Mr. Dawa Tsering considers himself a Buddhist, he should be clearly aware of the serious consequences according to the law of causality.
Conversely, if both the Chinese and English versions were properly translated, then the faults should lie with the original authors, including the Dalai Lama. Moreover, since ancient times in China, there have been lots of publications about the esoteric transmission of Tibetan “Buddhism.” Numerous authors have openly published many books on tantras, about which there is hardly any secrecy.
However, Mr. Dawa Tsering ignores the facts and misdirects the issue to that “one cannot criticize Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ without understanding the Tibetan language.” Isn’t it plain clear that the more he tries to cover up, the better-known it will become?
Furthermore, Mr. Dawa Tsering said, “Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is also called Esoteric School because of its secret meaning, which can only be explained to you by the gurus.” Therefore, he considers that one needs to be highly advanced in Tantric practice to be able to comment on it. Nevertheless, during the interview, we quoted the following from the 14th Dalai Lama’s book A Survey of the Paths of Tibetan Buddhism: “In addition, tantra speaks of the point in the completion stage when the practitioner is advised to seek a consort, as an impetus for further realization of the path. In such cases of union, if the realization of one of the partners is more advanced, he or she is able to bring about the release, or actualization of the resultant state.”
The “secret meaning” mentioned by Mr. Dawa Tering earlier is no more than the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness. Lamas are only utilizing female sex organs to gain the greatest tactile bliss of the forth-joy. They have mistaken the perceiving mind in the state of enjoying the tactile bliss, which is empty and formless, for the “emptiness-nature” of orthodox Buddhism, thus claiming that they have achieved Buddhahood. As stated above, there is actually no secret in Tibetan “Buddhism.” However, pretending to be mysterious, Mr. Dawa Tsering still tried to confuse people by claiming that there is the “secret meaning” transmitted only by the gurus. In the Dalai Lama’s book where the couple-copulation practice of a male and a female is described in such a plain and straightforward way that no one would misinterpret his words.
Moreover, such a devious couple-copulation practice violates not only the Buddha’s teachings but also social morals and the law. Why should it be that one must actually experience the copulation practice to know it is wrong? It is not necessary to take poison and die of it to know it is not edible.
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