Real Lamas Perform Real Sexual Practice-Exposing the Lies Ma(3)

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Fortunately, in recent years, after the True Enlightenment Education Foundation has uncovered the true face of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, the general public gradually acknowledge the serious problems caused by the couple-practice tantra. Last November (2011), the lama Shenglun, a rinpoche certified by the Dharma King of the Ngorpa Sakya Sect of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, was accused of committing sexual abuses. In lama Shenglun’s bedroom, the police found twenty books about the copulation-practice and sexual orgasm, as well as the naked couple-body “Buddha” statues. What’s more pathetic was that the nuns in the monastery served as matchmakers in search of copulating partners for the lama Shenglun. According to the media reports, he selected young and attractive females for copulating partners. We deplore this fact that the promiscuous Couple-Practice Tantra has already infiltrated Buddhist temples in Taiwan! It has also proven that for those who have practiced Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, they are bound to be on the path to the couple-practice of copulation. Nevertheless, the truth will eventually come to light, and the sexual molestation cases will be exposed by the media sooner or later.
Lastly, Chairman Zhang appeals: The Foundation is calling for the public to stay away from such counterfeit Buddhism. We hope that all Buddhist monks can also step forward courageously to get rid of “Tibetan fake Buddhism” and restore the Buddhist community to its pure practice. We also hope that none of the religious practitioners would follow the example of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism in the name of religious practice. Thus, we are in hope that the government could be strong enough to dispel this “sinister cult,” which is based on its illicit tenet of the couple-practice tantra and violates social moral, from Taiwan. (Reported by the Interviewing Team)20120507
Editor’s Note:
This article is an English version of the Chinese edition published on
January 24, 2012.
Reference Source: http://foundation.enlighten.org.tw/trueheart_en/29
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