The Dalai Lama and the CIA (Part 2)--Excerpts from German an

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(By the True Heart News interviewing team in Taipei)In June 2012, as the subject of the fourteenth dalai lama’s connection with the cia was publicly reported by First German Television (ARD) and Southern German Daily (Suddeutsche Zeitung SZ), the issue has triggered a series of follow-ups by European media. The news headline highlighted the historical facts that the Dalai Lama did receive financial aid from the CIA for armed guerrilla operations. The ongoing media criticism lasted for a whole week in Europe, questioning that the Dalai Lama’s image is outwardly non-violent, but in fact inwardly he is violent.
Excerpts from the German language media:
June 8, 2012, the Financial Times Germany (FTD) Online:
A Permanent Stain - The Dalai Lama and His Links with the CIA
The Dalai Lama is the epitome of wisdom and gentleness. But apparently he knew more about the support for violent resistance in Tibet by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) than he has previously admitted. He himself even accepted financial support from the CIA.
The Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of tibetans, has maintained the image of a moral authority in the world for decades, but this image of being a pacifist is now threatened to collapse. This is because a new documentary “CIA in Tibet” has revealed that the highest Tibetan authority apparently knew more about the support of the CIA for violent resistance in Tibet than he has so far admitted.
The documentary film producer Lisa Cathey interviewed a CIA veteran who described a meeting with the Dalai Lama in 1964. The film is based on interviews with a total of 30 former secret service agents and it will be released in a few months. Parts of it, however, have already been released on the website of Kefiblog.com. According to the reports of the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung" and the TV “Panorama,” the U.S. government's documents show that the American CIA and the Nobel Peace Laureate had stayed significantly closer than previously known.
The Chinese government is probably delighted with this wave of criticism regarding the CIA connections with the Dalai Lama. The world’s fascination for this “Top Tibetan” has long been a thorn in Beijing’s side.
Journalists rely on decoded documents released from the American government a few years ago. The information has never been used by any of the media before. According to the documents for the year 1951-1965, the Dalia Lama and the U.S. government had agreements to conduct the CIA’s Tibet program. At first, representatives of the Dalai Lama made contact with the U.S. embassy in the Indian capital, New Delhi, and the U.S. consulate in Calcutta.
A brother of the Dalai Lama also directly paid a visit to the U.S. government. Their contacts were all asking explicitly for military assistance. According to the "Suddeutsche Zeitung", the Dalai Lama, by 1958 at the latest, has already been informed about the military training program for Tibetan guerrillas by the CIA. This information was disclosed to a reporter by the religious leader for over a decade ago during an interview.
These are not new allegations. What’s already known is that, after the Nixon government established diplomatic relations with China, the CIA has terminated military support for the Tibetans in the early seventies. Also, in the nineties, there were already some books and movies uncovering the connections between the CIA and the Dalai Lama. In his autobiography of 1991, he had written about the contacts of his brothers with the CIA: "My brothers thought it was wise to keep this information from me."
In 1998, a spokesman for the Tibetan government in exile told The New York Times and admitted that in the sixties, they did well receive $ 1.7 million annually from the CIA. The training of guerrilla fighters and the military operations were financed with the money. But the spokesman refuted the report that the Dalai Lama had personally received the money of US$ 180,000 annually. The "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" discovered from their research into the CIA documents that the sum transferred was used as "cash assistance for the Dalai Lama."
June 8, 2012, the print version of Southern German Daily (SZ):
Seemingly Sacred - As a leading symbol of pacifism, the Dalai Lama knows much more about CIA’s involvement in Tibet than what he is willing to admit. Now, this holy monarch has fallen into the shadow of armed violence.
When in the face of his relationship with the CIA, the Dalai Lama, being regarded as the highest moral authority of pacifism, is now in a difficult situation to defend himself.… On the one side he accepts CIA’s financial assistance shamelessly to carry out guerrilla warfare and on the other side he uses the soft image of the Dalai Embassy to conduct non-violent protests; all these are of great conflicts whether in the past or present. Nobel Peace Prize winner, Tibetan guerrillas, and the U.S. CIA ─ when these three are put together, they sound strange, like the Pope, his women and his Porsche. But sometimes this world is just so strange.
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