Ghouls Lead the Innocent to Slaughter……

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Ghouls Lead the Innocent to Slaughter - Drelwa Online’s Self-immolation Guide (Part 1) - Profiles of the consecutive self-immolation incidents in Tibet (Part 5)(Reproduced)
Published:2013/7/10 09:00
(By the True Heart News interviewing team in Taipei)
Media abroad recently brought to light the circulation of a so-called Self-immolation Guide on the internet, an instruction manual authored by the Dharamsala-based Dalai group engineered to incite ethnic tibetans residing within Tibet to self-immolate. This Self-immolation Guide is an irrefutable piece of evidence verifying to the international community who the backstage mastermind of the waves of Tibetan self-immolations is and revealing the ruthlessness deeds of these “fake Tibetan Buddhists.”
However, long before the exposure of this guide, the murderous scheme had been clandestinely under way in Tibet, all over China, and even around the world. Some are well-hidden while others were unveiled but arduously denied by Lamaists. From Drelwa Online, a website exposed in January this year, there is one such telling case in which a young Tibetan lama narrowly escaped cunning inducement to commit self-immolation.
Tudan Badeng is a Tibetan man who lives in Yushu of Qinghai province. Badeng is the oldest of five siblings. His mother died when he was small, and he entered a lamasery at the age of 14. As Badeng recalls, he first came upon pictures of Tibetan self-immolations in 2010 and was shocked by what he saw because nothing like that had ever happened in the history of Lamaism and he had no clue what could have brought about these tragedies. Besides, those self-immolation photos were horrifying and he pitied deeply the poor souls who burned themselves. Later on, Badeng heard about the lamp-lighting memorial ceremonies the Tibetans-in-exile held for the self-immolators and his feeling about self-immolation began to change, he started to see it as “an act of courage.”
The True Heart News has been condemning the leadership of the Dalai group for a long time, who not only have never tried to soothe and stop their compatriots from committing suicidal deeds which are in violation of Buddhist precepts, but instead have ignited their emotions and added fuel to the fire by praising them as “martyrs” and holding “lamp-lighting prayer sessions” for them. Yet, in reality, portraying these victims of self-immolation as heroes is but a display of false compassion and an injustice, since their drastic acts have nothing to do with religious martyrdom or the survival of buddhism. The experience of Tudan Badeng makes clear how the four major sects of Tibetan fake “Buddhism” have been executing the fourth part of the Self-immolation Guide, under the instruction of the Dalai group, namely, organizing “other non-violent activities” as a smokescreen to mask the constant and sudden waves of bloody burnings. Lamaism and the Dalai group are indeed despicable.
Tudan Badeng arrived at Beijing in June 2012. During an online chat session one afternoon, he got to know a Tibetan woman named Dolma through a website called Drelwa Online (an internet organization traced to the Dalai group, more detailed info later). Dolma quickly switched the topic of their conversation to self-immolation and sent over pictures and videos of two self-immolation incidents happened the day before in Qinghai. Moments later she showed him “the last words these immolators left,” which are highly provocative and make self-immolation sound like “a fearless, heroic sacrifice for the causes of Tibetan Buddhism, the dalai lama, and the Tibetan race.” Stirred by what he saw, Badeng impulsively banged in the words “I want to self-immolate too.”
At first, Dolma sharply rejected his idea, Badeng said. She told him repeatedly that a smart young man like him should not think about self-immolation but should cherish his life. Tudan Badeng was very touched by her response and she made such a good impression on him that he even took Dolma as his elder sister later on. However, in the ensuing online chats between the two, rather than dying down, Tudan Badeng’s desire to self-immolate flared up like a wild fire as “sister Dolma” began to lure him in, using subtle, manipulative techniques.
When Badeng asked whether burning himself would really be useful, “sister Dolma” told him that "the international community is reacting strongly toward Tibetan self-immolations and the governments of many Western countries have come out to criticize and put pressure on the Chinese government about it," and when Tudan Badeng wanted to know if there is any basis for self-immolation in Buddhism, Dolma replied, "Self-immolation is an altruistic sacrifice, torching one’s body for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet and for the democracy and freedom of Tibet."
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